Inside Tube Amps Book REVIEW: Dan Torres, a veteran of the amp modification and repair biz, explains the nuts and bolts of tube amp design without the anguish of quadric equations. This 310 page soft cover's easy-to-read chapters cover schematics, preamp and power amp design, filter caps, biasing, transformers, tubes, rectifiers etc. - This excellent book gives you a thorough grounding in what makes a tube amp tick. An absolute must read for anyone. (Guitar Player Magazine July 1995)

REVIEW: Inside Tube Amps is clearly written in a musician friendly style. It is a complete manual on tube driven guitar amplifiers and covers design, modification, troubleshooting, and repairs. Everything is here from building your own Class A amp from scratch to sorting out power supplies, filter caps, and power transformers. There are charts, graphs and nicely finished illustrations throughout the book which help with explanation of the text. (Vintage Guitar Magazine May 1995)

REVIEW: Dan Torres has taken his many years of experience as a technician and designer and has condensed it all into one easy to read, musician friendly manual. I learned more cool stuff about amps in 10 minutes with this book then I've learned in my entire musical life. Everything from tube selection to power transformers to even building an entire Class A amplifier is covered without the rocket science math and theory that would leave most of us running for cover under our acoustic guitars. (20th Century Guitar Magazine January 1996)
Inside Tube Amps
The world famous book on Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers
Inside Tube Amps has become the bible of musicians interested in tube guitar amps all over the world.

Over 250,000 copies sold already, the book has become so popular because it answers all the questions that are never answered, in an easy to read, easy to understand way.

One can start from absolutely zero, no knowledge at all, and proceed all the way to being able to make an amplifier, and, in many cases, go into business making and repairing tube musical instrument amplifiers.

All the details are covered, how to adjust the bias on all the popular tubes, explained clearly, along with how-to-do-it techniques.

How to modify the amp for different tones, how to do repairs, troubleshooting, upgrades, improvements and have fun!!

includes how to make a complete Class A amplifier in all detail.
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